What People Are Saying

Kevin McCloud

“GreenMoves effectively provides a one-stop shop when you’re looking to buy a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and healthier home. It’s a unique website.”

John Weir, architect and BBC TV co-presenter of Too Close for Comfort

“At last a web-site that can help home buyers make an informed choice in doing their bit to help the environment and perhaps save them money in the process.”

Paul King, Campaign Director for WWF’s One Million Sustainable Homes & Director of One Planet Living

“This is the sort of website that has been missing until now, a one stop shop to find eco homes for sale in the UK. WWF knows that there is a rapidly growing number of home-buyers out there who want just this kind of information and will make the site a big hit.”

Paul Ellis, Chief Executive of the Ecology Building Society

“GreenMoves will not only prove to be an invaluable resource for potential eco home-buyers but in helping to ‘make the market’ in eco-homes will make an enormous contribution to tackling climate change issues.”

Jonathon Porritt, Chairman of the Sustainable Development Commission

“Imagine being able to traverse the length and breadth of the country, from one eco-home to the next! All people need to do then is to offset any CO2 emissions arising from their move!”

Matthew Criddle, The Naturesave Trust

“This website is a long overdue initiative creating links between people who want to buy eco homes and people who want to sell them - a perfect constructive application of the Internet.”

Charlie Luxton, Architect and BBC TV presenter

“The simple fact is a sustainable house can cost a little more in the short term but in the long term generates huge benefits financial, improved quality of life, health...the list goes on. Creating a market place that values this aspect of houses is vital if sustainability is to become a mass market.”

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