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Ecology Building Society

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Building a greener Society

Ecology Building Society is a natural partner for as it specialises in green mortgages for properties that benefit the environment. So if you are purchasing an eco-home or making energy efficiency improvements and need to borrow some money, contact the Ecology first – we have been providing green mortgages for green properties for over 25 years.

Our mortgages are available for:

We also lend on eco self builds and properties that require renovation or conversion – basically any property that is energy efficient or can be made more energy efficient.

Ecology mortgages – great value

Our mortgages offer great long term value and our 10 year residential mortgage won us 3rd Best Value Building Society and 6th Best Value Lender in the 2006 What Mortgage Awards.

Other features of our mortgages include:

…plus our C-Change mortgage discount

Any funds borrowed for specified energy saving measures and renewable energy technologies (such as timber-framed double or triple glazing or ground source heat pumps) benefit from a 1% discount off the Ecology’s Standard Variable Rate, as soon as the works are completed.

Further information

For further information on the Ecology and our mortgages visit, call us on 0845 674 5566 or write to us at Ecology Building Society, 7 Belton Road, Silsden, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD20 0EE.

Please note

GreenMoves is not registered with the Financial Services Authority and is therefore NOT acting as an introducer to the Society nor can it endorse or recommend the Ecology Building Society in any way. Enquirers must contact the Society direct and make their own decision whether or not any mortgage offered to them is suitable for their purposes. GreenMoves is NOT connected to the Ecology Building Society in any way.


Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation website

GreenMoves are pleased to have the support of Knauf Insulation.

The two best ways to reduce the amount of energy a home uses are:

In doing so you will drastically reduce the harmful CO2 emissions caused by your home’s energy consumption. Both types of insulation can have a dramatic effect. A correctly insulated home can reduce fuel bills by as much as £150 per year (depending on your house size) and once it’s in place it lasts a lifetime. Imagine feeling the benefits of a warmer, cosier, more comfortable home that costs less to run and is kind to the environment. To achieve this, all we have to do is Thinksulation.

Knauf have teamed up with the Energy Savings Trust to launch an initiative called Thinksulation. Its aim is to promote the benefits of insulation in terms of:

For more information on Thinksulation, please visit to visit Knauf’s own website please visit

Naturesave Trust and Naturesave Insurance

Naturesave website

…addressing climate change through the insurance industry since 1993.

Naturesave Policies Ltd is an ethical insurance intermediary offering personal and commercial insurance policies. Naturesave’s aim is to encourage the adoption of more environmentally aware trading practices in the business community, by using the insurance industry as a vehicle for sustainable development. For further information please visit

The Naturesave Trust

Registered charity no: 1048505

The Naturesave Trust has made GreenMoves a recipient of its Award scheme. The Trust exists to financially assist those projects that deal with the root of a specific environmental and/or conservationist problem and those that encourage the greater commercial adoption of sustainable development. The scope of projects funded is broad. For further information and to see more projects that the Trust has supported please visit

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor please contact us for details on 0845 0944663 or by e-mailing

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