Benefits of Advertising

GreenMoves offers three different advertising options – Advertising your Eco Property, Inclusion in the Featured Green Developments section, and Advertising Spaces on the website – each of which have their own set of additional benefits and services offered in addition to the general benefits:

General Benefits for all advertisers

Advertising Your Eco Property

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Our service to you will include:

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Featured Green Developments

We see inclusion in our Featured Green Developments section as something prestigious, a benchmark of eco attainment and success and as such our criteria for entry to this section is stringent. To be included in this section will speak volumes about your credentials as a developer of eco properties. We intend to limit the numbers of Developers in this new section so that it remains meaningful and retains its exclusivity.

The service that we are offering consists of the following.

For a 12 month period, GreenMoves will: featured green development symbol

In addition the Featured Green Development package also includes 4 property adverts, which can be changed throughout the year, with all the benefits listed above for each, and the Featured Green Development logo highlighting your properties in the search results list, and linking back to your Featured Green Development page.

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Advertising spaces on the Website

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Single-click Property Search

Click on a country or county name to search for eco-friendly and energy efficient properties. All property types will be included.